Highlights of the G20 Summit

Priorities of G20

The G20 theme, "One Earth, One Family, One Future," addressed key issues: food security, climate, development, health, and digitalization.

G20 Welcomes a new member country

In a landmark achievement, G20 welcomes the African Union as the permanent member of the G20 under India’s Presidency.

PM Modi's and Australian PM's Bromance

This moment from the Gala Dinner where PM Modi and Australian PM Anthony Albanese can be seen hugging each other will leave you in awe!

India's rich tradition steals the spotlight at G20 summit

India’s musical journey was depicted at the Gala Dinner showcasing India’s cultural heritage.

India’s president organized a fashion show

Dropadi Murmu organized a fashion show at the Gala Dinner, where all International delegates can be seen wearing Indian attires.

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